Welcome to Spaceship of legend

Years ago, a spaceship with an unknown technology came out of nowhere to face an alien race and save the Earth. They are back. Are you able to pilot the spaceship and help its original occupant not only to save the Earth but ...? Do not hesitate, the universe needs you. And someone else too ...

Use your shields, use your equipment, improve your spaceship and reach the end of the story in more than 30 levels. Designed for your touch device, it leaves aside joystick controls to allow you to use your fingers naturally on the screen.

Some features:
  • Decide the type and power your projectiles depending on your opponents and the current capacity of your ship.
  • Choose the right shield to protect you from enemy projectiles.
  • Use different items to eliminate your enemies, freeze them, escape from danger zones and a lot more.
  • Follow the story to the end in more than 30 levels. But if you want to repeat a chapter, just do it.
  • Use a finger, two, three ... to move the spaceship, shoot, activate the shield, launch rockets. Do it one by one or all at once.
  • Integration with Game center
    • Get hidden awards.
    • Compare your score with your friends'
  • And, of course, eliminate all enemy ships.
  • I would also like note that, while in-app purchases can help you to improve quickly the spaceship (and me to continue improving the game), there is nothing that you can't achieve without them. And last but not least, enjoy the game.

    Available at AppStore